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Missouri Needs Pragmatic Approach On Transportation

An article in yesterday’s Missouri Times noted that come 2017, the state will be facing a transportation crunch that needs to be addressed:

The state ranks 7th in the country in the size of its transportation system but 46th in terms of funding.

According to the Department of Transportation, 60 percent of the state’s bridges are older than their intended lifespan of 50 years and there aren’t enough resources to repair or replace all of them. The state auditor ranks Missouri 33rd in the nation at replacing bridges.

Driving through the state’s highways often means encountering potholes and crumbling roads, even on interstates, as the state’s bus-touring candidates can attest.

It’s clear that the current administration has taken a lackadaisical approach to Missouri’s transportation system and a new approach is sorely needed. Missourians don’t need to see their taxes raised to pay for this Jefferson City-created problem either.

Through efficient budget management that cuts in areas where there is waste and stops rewarding government handouts to special interests that don’t need them, savings can be found to adequately fund and fix the Transportation Department.

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