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Missouri Jumps 9 Spots Up In CNBC Rankings Thanks To Pro-Growth Reforms

For years, Missouri has struggled to keep up with surrounding states because liberal Governors would oppose pro-growth measures that encourage hiring and lead to economic expansion.

That’s changed now thanks to Governor Eric Greitens and a conservative legislature that is putting more jobs and higher pay at the top of its agenda.

While in 2016, Missouri was 31st in the nation in CNBC’s “Best States For Business,” thanks to passing Right-To-Work legislation, tort reform measures, and laws that unshackle burdens off of private companies, the state has jumped 9 spots, up to 22nd in the 2017 rankings.

Specifically, the state’s “economy” category saw an impressive jump from 34th in 2016 to 18th in 2017. Missouri also improved in the “workforce” and “infrastructure” categories that are key to creating more growth across the state.

This is just a first step and as more conservative reforms are passed that empower companies to grow, hire, and expand, while curtailing the unnecessary influence of government on the private sector, Missouri will become an even better state to start a company and do business.

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