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Minnesota Governor Reverses Course On ObamaCare, Realizes It’s “No Longer Affordable”

Minnesota Governor and committed Democrat Mark Dayton has fully reversed course from his previous full-throated support of President Obama’s namesake legislation – ObamaCare.

At a press conference on the state’s crumbling health insurance market today, Governor Dayton confirmed what has long been known, saying that ObamaCare “is no longer affordable,” and must be fixed:

“The reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable for increasing numbers of people,” Dayton said, calling on Congress to fix the law to address rising costs and market stability.

Faced with sky high rate increases and all insurers prepared to leave the ObamaCare exchange in Minnesota, the state’s ObamaCare marketplace is faced with “an emergency situation,” where it may be necessary to call for a special legislative session to fix the state’s fragile insurance market:

The state scrambled to stop all seven companies that sell insurance directly to consumers or through the state exchange, MNsure, from fleeing for 2017, but the state’s largest insurer is still exiting.

Health care insurance shoppers will see premium increases that range from 50 percent to 67 percent on their plans for next year.

Dayton’s strikingly honest criticism of ObamaCare follows in the wake of President Clinton calling ObamaCare the “craziest thing in the world” where customers have seen “premiums double and their coverage cut in half.”

It’s very clear that ObamaCare has only led to higher and increasingly unaffordable rater with less coverage for consumers. As the bad news for the law seems destined to pile up, advocates need to seriously rethink their support as it continues to make health care decisions more difficult for American families .

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