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Mary Kay Henry To Clinton Camp: Plan To Dupe SEIU Members “Worked”

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry may be in some hot water when her members find out what she really thinks of them.

This morning, a Washington Post article noted how desperate Clinton’s campaign was to secure money from big labor and pointed out that despite not endorsing a $15/hour minimum wage, her call into a fast food workers convention in June 2015 was very well-received.
After emails published from WikiLeaks, we see that Mary Kay Henry essentially admitted that she work with the campaign to trick SEIU members into thinking that Clinton was supportive of their agenda, even though she hasn’t endorsed a $15 minimum wage.
Read the passage from The Washington Post article below and click here to see the disingenuous email exchange between Henry and Podesta:
How Mega-Donors Helped Raise $1 Billion For Hillary Clinton
The Washington Post
Matea Gold & Anu Narayanswamy
October 24, 2016
The emails show that Clinton’s aides were intensely focused on locking up the support of labor unions — a source of cash and ground troops — andoften agonized over how to keep them on board amid competing political interests.
In April 2015, after attending a gathering of major liberal donors, senior policy adviser Ann O’Leary noted that “a number of our friends” — including the Service Employees International Union — wanted Clinton to back organized labor’s “Fight for 15” campaign to raise the minimum wage.
“Can we do something creative to support efforts without coming out for a number?” she asked.
Two months later, Clinton garnered huge cheers when she called in to a convention of fast-food workers, telling them “thank you for marching in the streets to get that living wage” — stopping short of endorsing a specific figure for the minimum wage.
SEIU President Mary Kay Henry dashed off a note to Podesta with the subject line, “It worked!”
“I looked around the stage and most fast food leaders had tears streaming down their face,” she wrote, adding that the sentiment in the room was, “She’s on our side.”
“Amazing,” responded Abedin when a staffer forwarded her the note. “Hope you shared with HRC!”
SEIU officials said Henry’s email was referring to the support Clinton has shown for working families on a variety of issues, adding that members of the union have felt even more energized by her candidacy as the election has drawn closer.
In the fall of 2015, the SEIU endorsed Clinton, who has since expressed support for a $15 minimum wage. The union donated $1 million to Priorities and is spending tens of millions on an independent field effort to turn out voters in battleground states.
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