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Leaked Emails Reveal Potency Of Democrats Ultra-Liberal Wing

The Democrats ultra-liberal wing, headlined by avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren have been able to move the Party, radically to the left on policy in recent years, dramatically impacting the positions Hillary Clinton has adopted during her presidential campaign.

Now, emails published by WikiLeaks from Clinton ally John Podesta confirm that Clinton’s campaign did make decisions and change policy to appease the extreme left wing of her party:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign fretted over Elizabeth Warren’s powerful influence with the left wing of the Democratic Party, trying to open lines of communication with the Massachusetts senator months before Clinton announced her bid and later worrying that Warren might endorse Bernie Sanders, according to leaked campaign e-mails released Monday.

In one of the leaked emails, Clinton and her advisors debated the merits of appealing to Warren by strengthening Clinton’s views on banking regulation even at the risk of appearing phony:

One aide, Mandy Grunwald, said that Mrs. Clinton was leaning toward endorsing a return to Glass-Steagall, and that not doing so risked antagonizing Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who had campaigned to reinstate the rule. The campaign feared that Ms. Warren might back Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont for president.

“I understand that we face phoniness charges if we ‘change’ our position now — but we face political risks this way too,” Ms. Grunwald wrote. “I worry about Elizabeth deciding to endorse Bernie.”

Mrs. Clinton ultimately did not support Ms. Warren’s proposal, arguing that other policies would better regulate Wall Street risk. Mr. Sanders criticized Mrs. Clinton on the issue throughout the campaign. (Ms. Warren stayed out of the primary battle until June, when Mrs. Clinton had all but secured the nomination.)

The Clinton campaign was so worried about the power and influence of Sanders in the Democratic Party that they “suggested that Clinton could ask Warren for advice and input on policy” by establishing a cordial and direct line of communication between the campaign and the progressive Massachusetts Senator.

On top of these email leaks, the platform put forward by Clinton and the Democratic Party makes it clear that they have embraced the Warren/Sanders wing of extreme progressivism.

These leaked emails are just the latest example showing the Warren and Sanders have the power to hold Clinton’s policy positions hostage. Clinton has already caved to their demands out of political expediency, adopting extremely liberal policies that attack free enterprise and are increasingly out of touch with mainstream America.

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