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Law Firm Under Federal Investigation For Straw Donations To Elizabeth Warren & Other Dems

Federal prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation into a Boston law firm after a bombshell Boston Globe Spotlight story last month highlighted how the firm was doling out bonuses to reimburse employees for political contributions made to Democratic candidates.

One of the politicians they funded most extensively was their home state Senator, Elizabeth Warren. While many Democrats, including Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire and Russ Feingold in Wisconsin, returned the money they had received from this firm immediately, Warren waited a full five days until ultimately returning the $130,000 given to her by the company’s partners, despite independent groups calling on her to give the money back in the hours after the story broke.

Warren’s reluctance to immediately return this tainted money speaks to her overwhelming hypocrisy. While she consistently rails against money in politics and criticizes her opponents on the issue, she initially refused to return dirty campaign cash until public pressure mounted to a point where it was her only option.

Now that there is a federal investigation into this Boston-based firm, Warren should take a leading role in ensuring that they are brought to justice for their unethical behavior. However, Warren is always one to look out for her friends and will likely run far away from this situation that shows the true character of her donors, instead of working with federal officials

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