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Labor Sec Tom Perez: Awful Record, Hostile To Private Sector, Job Losses…Time For A Promotion?

As Elizabeth Warren and her extreme allies get set to try to shape a potential Clinton administration in their far-left liberal image, one person that they seem to like for an increased role is current Labor Secretary Tom Perez:

It seems that a disastrous record of stifling job creation and crushing the private sector entitles one to a promotion, because that is all Perez has done as Labor Secretary.

A recent study from the National Association of Manufacturers found that because of rules and regulations from the Labor Department, spearheaded by Perez, the U.S. economy would lose $80 billion over the next ten years. On top of that, the imposition of Perez’s regulations will create an aggregate job loss in excess of 150,000 workers and more workers will be moved from full-time to part-time status.

Perez has done all he can to curry favor with Clinton, endorsing her early and campaigning for her across the country.

But his horrible track record at Labor has proven to be a drag on America’s economy. Now, liberal activists want to promote him to run the U.S. Department of Justice?!

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