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Labor Sec & Possible AG Jokes About Abducted Child In NC

From the Department of “you can’t make it up,” current Labor Secretary and potential Attorney General Tom Perez has put his foot in his mouth again.

In video first reported by NTK Network, Perez was filmed joking about an Amber Alert that went off while he was addressing a Hillary Clinton campaign rally yesterday in North Carolina. When members of the audience had their phones go off due to the Amber Alert, Perez responded, “Oh yeah? Well, Amber is going to vote for Hillary!”

The Amber Alert was issued because a two-month old boy from Randolph County was reported missing. Thankfully, he was safely found.

What is even more disturbing is that the Amber Alert program is under the purview of the Attorney General, a position that liberals want to see Perez get in a potential Clinton administration.

The purpose behind Amber Alerts comes from a tragedy in 1996 when 9 year-old Amber Hagerman was kidnapped and murdered in Texas. Since then, Amber Alerts have notified residents in an area about missing children that could be in danger.

This isn’t the first time Perez’s insensitivity has been on display. Last month, he seemed to indicate that the death of Justice Antonin Scalia was a good thing since it made it easier for labor groups to unionize.

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