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Key Legislation Will Protect Workers’ Paychecks From Greedy Big Labor Bosses

Earlier this month, State Representative Jered Taylor filed important legislation that will help workers across Missouri.

Unlike previous legislation in Missouri, which rewarded the well-connected special interest unions, HB 251 is written to help everyday workers bring home a little more money. The bill would protect paychecks for citizens across the state by requiring workers to give big labor groups written permission before automatically deducting dues from their salary.

This idea is a no-brainer; it allows workers to decide how their money is best spent and prevents big labor groups from automatically taking their hard-earned money and spending it on a slew of liberal political causes. Just last year, labor groups spent over $1.7 BILLION to try and elect liberals to office, even though some workers who paid union dues don’t support a left-wing agenda.

Representative Taylor’s bill also includes commonsense provisions like requiring public-sector unions to abide by the same rules as private-sector labor groups and disclose their financial information. It also would force unions to hold elections to recertify every two years, which are critical to keeping unions accountable and competitive.

It’s time for the legislature to move and pass this bill. For too long, big labor has been able to use their influence to take advantage of workers across the state. Passing HB 251 will finally put everyday Missourians on a level playing field by protecting their paychecks.

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