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Initiative That Protects Ballot Box Is Crucial To Integrity Of Missouri’s Elections

On the ballot this year in Missouri is Amendment 6, a referendum that would require all Missouri voters to show a government-issued photo ID before casting their votes.

A voter ID mandate in Missouri would be crucial to upholding the integrity of democratic elections. A small measure, such as simply showing a government-issued ID before voting would provide an important safeguard for fair and free elections.

Additionally, The Atlantic notes that this voter ID measure has important provisions that protect all voters:

Backers of Missouri’s law say that it solves some of the flaws of other states’ laws. The constitutional requirement would not go into effect unless the state funds efforts to make sure everyone can access an ID, and a provision added by the state Senate late in the process allows voters without an ID to sign an affidavit and cast a ballot under certain circumstances.

This initiative would ensure that all Missourians have the same voice in democratically electing their leaders and choosing the state’s policy direction, which is why it deserves support in November.

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