Can Sherrod Brown Make Democrats Working Class Again?

Can Sherrod Brown Make Democrats Working Class Again?

Hired by America Rising, a Republican PAC, to document Sen. Sherrod Brown’s every move, the tracker has become an unwelcome but familiar part of of the two-term senator’s retinue.

A standard part of American politics, trackers shadow candidates relentlessly, documenting their every official move on video in hopes of catching them in a gaffe or politically compromising position. The tracker’s presence is a clear sign that Brown has a target on his back.

Republicans will tell anyone who’ll listen that he is one of their top targets for 2018, when thanks to a brutal electoral map for Democrats, the GOP could win enough Senate seats to give President Trump a filibuster-proof majority. “Brown is even further left than Hillary Clinton, who lost the state by eight points — he’ll suffer the same fate if he continues to champion the failed far-left policies that Ohio has already rejected,” America Rising spokesperson Nathan Brand said.

April 20, 2017

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