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In Span Of 2 Secs, Coons Contradicts Himself On An Up-Or Down Vote

On Morning Joe earlier, Senator Chris Coons was asked point-blank whether Judge Neil Gorsuch deserves an up-or-down vote. Coons first said, “he’ll get an up or down vote,” but then explained that Sen. Schumer is demanding a 60-vote threshold.

Schumer’s filibuster demands are the exact opposite of an up-or-down vote. Coons has previously said that he will “push” for a vote on Gorsuch and he should hold true to his word and support an up-or-down vote, instead of joining Democrats’ obstruction efforts that include voting against cloture.

Already, The Washington Post’s fact checker page has ripped apart Senate Dems claims about a so-called “60-vote standard,” pointing out that this has never been a requirement for SCOTUS nominees to reach that threshold:

Democrats are being slippery with their language. Sixty votes is not “a standard” for Supreme Court confirmations, as two of the current justices on the court did not meet that supposed standard.

If a SCOTUS filibuster is as “tragic” as Sen. Coons argues, then he should buck his party’s filibuster efforts and keep his word in supporting a real up-or-down vote for Judge Gorsuch

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