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If Rep. Ellebracht Wants To Talk Pay-To-Play, He Should Look In The Mirror

State Representative Mark Ellebracht (D – Liberty) desperately wants to protect his trial lawyer friends and scuttle critical tort reform legislation.

In fact, since 2011 Ellebracht has been a trial lawyer himself and his campaign accepted more than $10,000 in contributions from trial lawyers. As has been well-documented, the current legal system enriches trial lawyers at the expense of Missourians and is in desperate need of reform:

Unfortunately, trial lawyers like Representative Ellebracht and his allies are committed to keeping the rigged system in place so they can line their pockets with frivolous lawsuits that only hurt consumers.

What’s more, Ellebracht may be guilty of pay-to-play himself. Earlier this session, he introduced legislation that would increase the minimum wage to $15/hour. While this devastating bill would crush Missourians, increasing costs and eliminating an estimated 218,000 jobs, Ellebracht is only looking out for his Big Labor allies. The same labor organization that support this measure as a way to acquire more dues-paying members also funneled nearly $50,000 into Ellebracht’s campaign.

It’s simple. Rep. Ellebracht only opposes common sense tort reform legislation so he can keep in place a broken system that rewards himself and his trial lawyer friends, and he took donations from Big Labor so he could carry out their deeply-flawed agenda in Jeff City.

If he wants to talk corruption and pay-to-play, he should look in the mirror.

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