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ICYMI: 3 Important Takeaways From Andy Puzder’s Interview W/ Hugh Hewitt

In his first interview since withdrawing his nomination to serve in President Trump’s Cabinet, Andy Puzder explained why special interest labor groups were so opposed to his job-creating proposals:

PUZDER: And personally, I don’t believe their concern was that I would be bad for workers. I think their concern was that I would pursue policies they opposed, and that workers would benefit. So the implications of that for the left would really have been devastating. And obviously, if we had economic growth and more jobs, employers would start competing with each other for employees, which would increase both wages and benefits without government mandates or coercion, which is something the unions and big government progressives really don’t want to see, because it would confirm that no matter what the mainstream media’s been telling working and middle class Americans, pro-growth economic policies are in fact in their best interest, and big government’s not. So that’s a message unions, progressives and Democrats don’t want out there.

On top of this straightforward explanation on why his nomination and policies were so threatening to out-of-touch unions, Puzder detailed a harrowing experience inflicted on his family by groups opposed to his nomination:

PUZDER: And then finally, although there wasn’t any coverage of this, there was an envelope left at our house, addressed to my wife that had white powder in it, a pink piece of paper with ‘Trump’ written on it, and then obviously the white powder was in a plastic bag, but you open the envelope and a little powder came out. And there was also I’m told, I didn’t see it, but I was told there was a paper-doll with a noose around its neck and there was – again, addressed to my wife, not addressed to me, which shows the cowardice of these people.

Despite this shameful behavior, Puzder is still committed to fighting for working Americans and preserving the free enterprise system that made achieving the American Dream possible for him:

PUZDER: My plan was to go into some kind of government service to repay the debt I owe this country. You know, as you and I’ve talked Hugh, there has never been a country in the of the world where working-class kid like me could aspire the level of success I’ve achieved with any realistic chance of achieving it and I’d like to do something to see that those kinds of opportunities survive for future working-class kids, despite the current efforts on the left to destroy those opportunities. Now we’ll see what happens, but I’m going to find some way to continue supporting American workers and our free enterprise system.

While left-wing activists waged big labor’s smear tactics against Puzder and his pro-growth agenda that would have helped all workers, it’s reassuring that he will still be fighting for policies that expand opportunity and championing efforts to make America great again.


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