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How Warren Used Her PBS Interview To Support Plans That Would Crush Her Home State

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been treated with kid gloves by the likes of Rachel Maddow and The View roundtable as she hawks her new book that has been panned by independent reviewers. But last night, Charlie Rose pressed her on two policy positions and Warren took the opportunity to employ her well-worn liberal talking points, despite the serious ramifications that her ideas could have for Massachusetts.

On the minimum wage, Warren said that she was a part of the effort to make the minimum wage $15/hour, “no doubt about it.” Well, that may be what she needs to say to appeal to activists ahead of 2020, but a study showed that in Massachusetts, a government mandated $15 minimum wage would eliminate 101,000 jobs:

Then, when Rose pressed her on the defense budget, Warren claimed she supported “a lot of changes” that would include cuts that could hurt Massachusetts. In 2012, The Boston Globe reported that defenses expenditures account for “about 130,000 jobs” in Massachusetts, “with a total payroll of $9.7 billion.” If Warren gets her way, that important funding might no longer be there to support the state.

It’s always the same story with Warren. She touts far left-wing policies to prepare for her White House run, despite the real-life consequences that would be felt by the people she is supposed to be representing in Washington.

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