Hensley Rails Against Big Money But Takes Massive Union Contributions

Hensley Rails Against Big Money But Takes Massive Union Contributions

Perennial losing candidate for public office Teresa Hensley has promised to carry out Big Labor’s radical agenda which explains why they are pouring money into her campaign

September 19, 2016

Teresa Hensley’s connection to Big Labor has already caused her headaches during her fledging campaign for Attorney General. A perennial losing candidate for public office, Hensley knew that she’d need campaign cash to be viable this time around, and seems to have found an outlet with radical union groups.

Over the weekend, two separate union groups cut checks of $50,000 and $10,000 respectively to Hensley:

The irony is that in July, Hensley claimed she steadfastly opposed big money in politics and that she “absolutely,” wanted to impose limits on campaign contributions. Now she’s raking in the cash from these far-left groups, just adding to the fact that she’s a career politician who will say anything to get elected and won’t practice what she preaches.

It’s clear that these special interest unions are pouring money into Hensley’s campaign with the understanding that she will carry out their harmful agenda if elected. That means opposing Right-To-Work legislation, despite the fact that it would lead to more job growth and business development in Missouri. Hensley was even caught on video saying that she is running, “to fight Right To Work,” and reaffirming her support for Big Labor.

These campaign contributions and Hensley’s rhetoric make it clear that she is out-of-touch with Missouri and not fit to be Attorney General.


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