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Gov. Edwards Silent As Convicted Murderer Set To Walk Free

Governor Edwards’ appointed parole board is on the wrong side of this tragic situation, and John Bel Edwards’ silence and unwillingness to intervene is troubling. The Baton Rouge ABC affiliate WBRZ‘s Investigative Unit summarized this tragic decision:

“A convicted rapist and murderer who detectives and a district attorney believe is the prime suspect in other murders is about to be set free from Elayn Hunt Correctional Center.

“The Parole Board in Baton Rouge appointed by Governor John Bel Edwards approved the decision in November.

“Karen Hill was 21 years old when she was kidnapped, tied to a tree, raped and shot dead in the Kitsatchie National Forest in Vernon Parish.”

This violent criminal was sentenced to 71 years in prison, but will be walking free after only serving 17 years behind bars.

The decision to let this violent criminal walk comes despite newly surfaced evidence of the immense suffering his victim endured:

“Never seen before crime scene photos indicate the suffering Karen Hill endured when her life was cut short by a cold-blooded killer. Many of the photos from 1988 are too graphic to show on television or online. They highlight the brutal nature of the crime.”

Additionally, the mother of the victim is “outraged” by the Governor Edwards’ appointed parole board’s decision to let the suspected “serial killer” who raped and murdered her daughter walk free:

“[The victim’s mother] McWilliams says “there is no word other than anger that I could put to that”. McWilliams is outraged due to the reason that Galbraith did not serve his full time. McWilliams is speaking out hoping that the Louisiana Parole Board will reconsider.”

Governor Edwards’ silence on this decision is troubling.

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