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Gorsuch Follows The Law – Will Defend Rights Of Workers

The New York Times reported today that Senate Democrats, under pressure from extreme groups on the left, plan to go after Neil Gorsuch on workers’ issues. The problem: Gorsuch has a strong track record of upholding the law and protecting workers’ rights.

The Times piece notes that Gorsuch may targeted students w/ disabilities case, but, as JCN’s Carrie Severino noted in a detailed National Review column, this line of attack has no merit:

In short, the caricature of Judge Gorsuch as a Dickensian villain couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only does this story misrepresent the Tenth Circuit’s ruling in Thompson, but it also omits a long history in which the Supreme Court nominee has ruled in favor of defending the rights of the disabled.

In addition, when the ACLU’s Claudia Center trotted out this line of attack before, Ed Whelan with EEPC debunked her false claims as well:

Perhaps because anyone looking at Gorsuch’s two supposedly “troubling” opinions would readily discover that each was unanimous and that each was joined by a very liberal Clinton appointee (Carlos Lucero in one, Mary Beck Briscoe in the other). Perhaps because anyone reading those opinions would discover that Center’s account of them is not trustworthy.

The Washington Post wrote today that Gorsuch’s accomplished record has earned him “broad, bipartisan support” from legal experts. As the left’s desperation strategy enters its final stage, they will no doubt continue to launch attacks that have already been disproven. It’s important that their false rhetoric is exposed as partisan-motivated spin against a Judge they oppose because he will uphold the Constitution for all Americans.

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