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FRONT PAGE: Koster Skips Forum, Offends Activists

Hopefully Chris Koster wasn’t in Columbia on Saturday because he would not have enjoyed waking up to The Columbia Daily Tribune’s front page.

6.4.16 Columbia Daily Tribune Front Page

The paper reported that activists and organizers were not happy that Koster chose to skip a Democratic candidate forum held by the Boone County Muleskinners this past Friday.

While Koster offered to send a stand-in, event organizer Bill Clark correctly told the campaign that they don’t care for a surrogate, but instead wanted to see the candidate outline his vision for the state in person:

“So essentially I told them, and told several other candidates the same thing, if you’re not going to come, don’t send a stand-in,” Clark said. “We’re not interested in the stand-in. We are interested in the people willing to come and speak to you, the voters, and answer your questions.”

Koster’s total disregard for these activists just shows how he takes them for granted. An unabashed opportunist, Koster has no interest in actually outlining a comprehensive vision for Missouri’s future, but just wants to climb the political ladder.

Voters across Missouri need to recognize that Koster’s actions throughout this campaign are the clearest example of how he’ll govern. He’s made it patently clear that he does not care about hearing concerns or answering questions from activists in Boone County, and that is how he plans to operate as Governor.

Instead of this depressing reality, Missourians should come together in opposition to this self-interested politician and keep Chris Koster out of the Governor’s office this November.

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