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FACT CHECK: Hey Bernie, DeVos’ Orgs Have Donated $5 Million+ To Dems To Support School Choice

While Democrats make a huge fuss about Betsy DeVos’ donations, they had no problem when President Obama nominated Democratic megadonor Penny Pritzker to the Commerce Department. The Washington Post reported, “In the four years before her nomination, [Pritzker donated about $20,000 to Democratic senators who then voted on her confirmation, according to FEC records.”

Even HELP Committee Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy has no problem with DeVos’ contributions:

Penny Pritzker was a fantastic secretary of Commerce and she probably made a few donations to Democrats over the years. I don’t worry about those [DeVos’] donations.”

Furthermore, DeVos has demonstrated her support for Democrats who have supported school choice policies.

In 2014, Politico reported that DeVos’ Americans Federation for Children “has directed 36 percent of its nearly $18 million in campaign contributions since 2007 to Democrats.” The Great Lakes Education Project, another organization where DeVos was involved, has also endorsed numerous Democrats.

Organizations closely affiliated with Betsy DeVos have also proven their bipartisan approach to education reform:

All Children Matter (2003-2008)

Supported 205 Democrats

$1.73 Million In Contributions To Democrats


American Federation For Children (2009-2016)

Supported 230 Democrats

$3.59 Million In Contributions To Democrats


Great Lakes Education Project (2004-2016)

Supported 16 Democrats

$120,000 In Contributions To Democrats

Over her nearly 30 years of involvement in education reform, DeVos has proven that she will work with anyone, regardless of party label, who wants to produce results.

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