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EPA Reduces Footprint Freeing Up American Workers

In news first reported by Reuters this morning, under the leadership of Administrator Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency workforce has returned to the levels that it was previously at under President Ronald Reagan.  

This is a massive victory for working men and women across America. Now, a burdensome EPA will no longer be able to shackle them with unnecessary mandates and regulations. More from Reuters:

After buyouts and retirements, that number could drop to 14,428 by October, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said in an email.

That would be below the fiscal 1988 level, when EPA staffing was 14,440, the official noted. A further 2,998 employees, or just over 20 percent of the total, are eligible to retire now, the official said.

Under President Reagan, the United States was able to protect the environment while simultaneously growing the economy. It’s clear that Administrator Pruitt is taking the same approach which will allow middle class families across the country to enjoy clean air and clean water, and also the chance for them to improve their economic fortunes.

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