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Emails Show Pruitt Was Committed Public Servant

The release of emails during Scott Pruitt’s tenure as Oklahoma AG generated some excitement that the left might find the silver bullet they’ve been craving to torpedo his efforts to reform the EPA. However, no such email was found because it does not exist.

RedState: “I’m old enough to remember a time when we expected our elected officials to work with business and industry to chart a path that let us maximize public safety and employment rather than insinuating that talking to regulated industries is a bad thing.” 

  • “Elected officials are supposed to carry out the law and to represent the best interests of the people who elected them. Coordinating with those industries and with other attorneys general to fight the anti-growth and anti-private-property actions of the EPA is not against the law.”

The left and the media needs to stop the sensationalism and recognize that these emails just show how a dignified public servant carried out the responsibility that the people of Oklahoma entrusted him with.

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