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Elizabeth Warren Brings Her 2020 Campaign To Senate Armed Services Committee

In news that just broke, Sen. Elizabeth Warren will be on the Senate Armed Services Committee next Congress, a clear admission that she needs to bolster her foreign policy credentials ahead of her widely assumed run for the presidency in 2020.

Up to this point, Warren has been wrong about almost every single foreign policy issue and has not exercised good judgment when analyzing issues around the world.

  • Warren wanted to “re-allocate” anti-terror resources, despite the continued threats posed by foreign actors on our soil
  • She claimed that President Obama has been “remarkably good at foreign affairs.” Experts who are seeing what is happening right now in Syria would beg to differ
  • Warren is said to have “no relationship” with the defense industry on a national level with one involved player saying, “I don’t think she’s even on our radar.”
  • She also argued that national security programs designed to keep Americans safe might actually be putting the country in greater danger and has dodged questions about Guantanamo Bay

While this will no doubt look good on Warren’s political resume as she looks towards bigger things, it’s alarming that someone that has made such troubling comments in the past will now serve on one of the Senate’s most important committees.

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