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Edwards’ Economic Disconnect: Spin Vs. Facts

On Thursday, Governor John Bel Edwards told radio listeners that he is pleased with job growth in Louisiana, but this is nothing more than simple political spin. The real numbers paint a struggling picture of Edwards’ economy, one that ranks amongst the worst in the country.

And now there is news that state’s economic outlook might be getting worse. The State Bond Commission announced Thursday steps to take out a short-term loan for as much as a half-billion dollars to cover the state’s bills. Edwards’ lack of leadership has not solved the state’s budget issue, nor has it made the state a better home for job creation.

Despite what Louisianans have heard from the Governor about the health of the state’s economy, the numbers just don’t add up. Working families from every corner of the state are struggling to get by and Edwards appears to be ignoring the needs of Louisiana. Let’s look at the facts:

Louisiana needs a governor who understands the issues facing families and workers across the state, not a governor like Edwards who is more committed to political spin and attempts to cover up his failure to lead.

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