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Durbin Backtracks Past Gorsuch Support & Caves To Extremists

Sen. Dick Durbin clearly recognizes that Judge Gorsuch is highly-qualified and deserving of serving on the Supreme Court. He even praised his hearing performance, calling the Judge “gifted” with “a great background.”

MSNBC even noted in an interview with Sen. Durbin that he voted for Neil Gorsuch in 2006, though he tried to feign that he didn’t remember in an embarrassing clip for him:

However, Durbin is now flipping from his past comments and choosing to cave to left-wing activists that have urged Senate Dems to oppose Judge Gorsuch despite his distinguished and independent record.

During his speech that mischaracterized the Judge, Durbin falsely said that there should be a “60-vote standard” for SCOTUS confirmations, a claim The Washington Post’s fact check page has debunked:

 Democrats are being slippery with their language. Sixty votes is not “a standard” for Supreme Court confirmations, as two of the current justices on the court did not meet that supposed standard.

Even Democrats know that Judge Gorsuch is an impressive jurist but unfortunately, Sen. Durbin is putting his allegiance to extreme left-wing groups before his responsibility to fairly consider an impressive Supreme Court nominee

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