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Dems SCOTUS Delusion Faces Backlash

The desperation from Senate Democrats has reached a new low, and media outlets and editorial boards across the country are letting them know how big of a mistake it is for them to block an up-or-down vote on Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation for the Supreme Court.

Here is what is being said about the Democrat’s flailing effort to stop Gorsuch:

Billings Gazette Editorial: Democrats Refuse to Rise Above Petty Partisan Politics

We have to wonder: After weeks of review of Gorsuch’s writing, days of testimony and responses from Montanans, why is Tester still undecided? That seems like waffling. What in the next couple of days or weeks will suddenly sway Tester’s mind one way or another? And if he’s still waiting on feedback from Montanans, is this some kind of popularity contest? Shouldn’t there be more a more thoughtful reason? 

Wall Street Journal Editorial: Schumer’s Gorsuch Gambit … He Threatens a Filibuster, and Republicans Should Call Him on It.

“By offering this pathetic excuse for opposition, Mr. Schumer is really saying that no one nominated by President Trump can be confirmed. … The Supreme Court was a central issue in 2016, and Republicans won the Senate and the White House. If Mr. Schumer insists on a filibuster, then Republicans have an obligation to respect their voters and confirm Judge Gorsuch anyway.”

Boston Herald EditorialShame on Senate Dems

So the top Democrat in the U.S. Senate, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer made it official yesterday — he will lead a filibuster of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. What a pity. And how utterly shameful that Massachusetts’ two senators were among the very first to jump on board this ill-advised band wagon.

Omaha World-Herald Editorial: Senate should Vote to Confirm

We’ve long stated here that presidents deserve considerable deference for their Supreme Court nominees, regardless of ideology, as long as the individuals display the needed competence. Gorsuch clearly passes that test. The American Bar Association has given him its highest rating.

Lowell Sun Editorial: There’s No Reason to Deny Neil Gorsuch

Partisan politics aside, there’s no question Neil Gorsuch possesses the qualifications and temperament to be the high court’s ninth justice. … Maybe a few Democrats will show some backbone, break with party ranks, and give Gorsuch the vote he deserves.
Chicago Tribune Editorial: Neil Gorsuch Earns His Supreme Court Seat

Democrats’ questioning Tuesday and Wednesday was aggressive. But their attempts to trip up Gorsuch, revealing deficiencies that might disqualify him, elicited the opposite: unassailable assurances by Gorsuch that he would decide each case on the merits, based on the law as written, applied to the world as it is today. Democrats struggled to find offense with that judicial philosophy. After each attack, they were forced to move on.

Albany Democrat Herald Editorial: Gorsuch Gives Democrats a Dilemma

But here’s the problem facing Democrats like Merkley: Unlike many of Trump’s other nominations, Gorsuch appears to be eminently qualified.

WSJ’s Kimberley Strassel: Chuck Schumer Breaks The Senate
If Mr. Manchin and fellow Democrats want to retain the filibuster for future, justified use, that’s simple. All they need do is refrain from abusing that power against a highly intelligent, perfectly qualified nominee. This is Mr. Schumer’s mess. Either his party can clean it up, or Republicans will do it.

Bloomberg’s Alan Hunt: Democrats Have A Gorsuch Problem

Neil Gorsuch will have the support of all 52 Senate Republicans for confirmation to the Supreme Court. He also could win the votes of a half-dozen or so Democrats, and therein lies a problem for that party.
The Resurgent’s Erick Erickson: Neil Gorsuch Should Be Filibustered

Neil Gorsuch is eminently qualified and no one has laid a glove on him. He should be filibustered so the world can see just how obvious it is the Democrats are playing politics. Then the GOP should end the filibuster.

Indy Star’s Gary Varvel: “Judge Gorsuch’s Slam Dunk”


Chicago Tribune’s Scott Stantis: Democrats vs Gorsuch


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