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Dems Indicate They’ll Oppose Efforts To Ease Burden On Families

Throughout the Trump Presidency, Democrats in the Senate have made it very clear that political calculation is far more important to them then working towards common-sense solutions that will help American families. That is why they have catered to the activists in their base with historic obstruction efforts against the President’s priorities.

Now, as Congress gets set to debate much-needed tax reform, Democrats are already signaling that they will try to obstruct allowing Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money.

In a letter to Republican leaders, including President Donald Trump, 45 of the 48 Senate Democratic caucus members said they won’t support any upcoming GOP effort to overhaul the tax system that delivers cuts to the top 1 percent or adds to the government’s $20 trillion debt.

For Senate Democrats to issue a blanket decree like this shows they have no interest in working across the aisle and is an affront to their constituents who are crying out for reform to this broken system.

In the past, a number of Democrats have supported reforming America’s tax system, but now appear to be reneging on their previous comments.

If they truly want to provide relief to all Americans, then they should not be setting conditions for the debate. Instead, they should change course and join Republicans in keeping an open mind on effective ways to lower taxes for all Americans.



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