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Democrats Pan Edwards’ Tax Plan

Edwards’ Flawed Tax Plan Is “Not Gaining Traction” Even Among Democrats

Just days after the introduction of Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards’ tax plan, members of his own party are bailing on his proposal. This from the GBR Business Report:

“And many, including House Democrats, are looking for alternatives to Gov. John Bel Edwards’ commercial activity tax proposal, a gross receipts tax on businesses that represents the bulk of the governor’s tax reform plan.”

“Rep. Gene Reynolds, D-Minden, chair of the House Democratic Caucus, says the CAT does not appear to be garnering support in the lower chamber…”

“That’s not gaining traction,” Reynolds says about the CAT tax. “You’ve got to have something in the mix to work on.”

Having lost the confidence of the leaders in his own party, the Edwards’ tax plan appears to be dead mere days after its rollout. Edwards’ panned tax plan is just the latest example of his liberal tax-and-spend agenda proving to be outside the Louisiana mainstream.

Edwards’ out-of-touch tax plan would harm over 100,000 Louisiana businesses, which has led the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry to call his plan “tone deaf to economic reality.” As part of his tax plan, Edwards is also seeking to take the hard earned money of everyday Louisianians by introducing taxes on everyday consumer services like Netflix, Spotify, cable TV, and landscaping.

The only bipartisanship Edwards has brought to Baton Rouge is the shared disdain Republican and Democrats have for his tax plan. Edwards needs to focus on growing the Louisiana economy, and quit pushing the agenda of his liberal special interest backers.

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