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Democrat Joe Manchin Says He’ll Vote To Confirm Sessions

In a sign that Jeff Sessions’ AG nomination is on the fast track to confirmation, after he “crushed it” at his hearing, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin said this morning that he will vote in favor of him to lead the DOJ:

STEVE DOOCY: “In the last couple of minutes, Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats and the Senate announced opposition to Senator Sessions for Attorney General said, you know, ‘I — we just can’t go on with that.’ How do you feel about Jeff Sessions? Does he have your vote?”
SEN. JOE MANCHIN (D-WV): “Jeff Sessions has my vote. He’s my friend. I’ve built relationships and friendships here. I don’t care whether you’re Democrats, Republicans, Independents. We were sent here to make America better. And Jeff Sessions, I’ve known him for six years, we’ve been friends, We talk about an array of things. I have never detected, never one ounce of detection that Jeff Sessions is what they have said. And with that, I think he handled himself well. I can only say how I know the person, and I’m voting for the person I know. Now, some people say he’s too conservative, well some people are too liberal. You know, the bottom line is President-Elect Trump won the election. He ought to have a right to put his staff together. If Jeff goes through the background check, the FBI background check, the ethics check and he turns in his financial disclosures, then that basically should allow him to put his team together.”
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