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Dem Senators Serve As Tool For Big Labor’s Far-Left Agenda

Today’s partisan grandstanding at a press conference featuring Sen. Patty Murray, Sen. Jeff Merkley, and Sen. Ed Markey was simply an example of them carrying water for their Big Labor allies in exchange for the millions they have taken in campaign contributions. Just look at how much they have already raked in from these special-interest left-wing groups:

Sen. Patty Murray: $2,146,283

Sen. Jeff Merkley: $683,068

Sen. Ed Markey: $823,800

In addition, these Senate Democrats have reaped benefits from Communication Workers of America, a labor group that was featured at today’s event:

Sen. Patty Murray: $27,500

Sen. Jeff Merkley: $20,000

Sen. Ed Markey: $23,500

Instead of doing the bidding of their campaign donors, these Senate Democrats need to put politics aside, recognize that Judge Gorsuch’s record has been praised across the board, and work to see him confirmed.   

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