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DARK MONEY WHITEHOUSE: RI Senator Silent On Undisclosed Liberal Money Attacking Gorsuch

While Sen. Whitehouse tries to smear Judge Gorusch on dark money, he’s been coordinating with liberal groups raising millions of dark money on their own at the same time. Each of these groups has been a part of the left-wing campaign to oppose Judge Gorsuch:

Indivisible Recently Organized A 501(c)4. “Indivisible’s founders never planned or expected the groundswell of interest that resulted from their guide, which prompted them to organize as a 501(c)4 group this month.” (Elana Schor and Rachael Bade, “Inside The Protest Movement That Has Republicans Reeling,” Politico, 2/10/17)

People For American Way Was Throwing “Dark Money” Into The 2016 Arizona Senate Race.  “The Center for Responsible Politics shows one liberal source putting Dark Money into the Arizona Senate race: People for the American Way, spending just over 35 hundred dollars to oppose Mc Cain and help Ann Kirkpatrick.” (Craig Smith, “Who’s Writing The Checks In Arizona Senate Race,” KGUN9, 9/30/16)

CREDO Action Is A “Member Of The Secret Democratic Dark Money Group Known As The Democracy Alliance.” “The Free Beacon revealed in 2013 that CREDO Mobile cofounder Michael Kieschnick had funneled millions of dollars to pro-Obama interest groups through CREDO Mobile’s liberal activism network, CREDO Action. The organization is a member of the secret Democratic dark money group known as the Democracy Alliance. The email to journalists noted that CREDO has raised money for many liberal groups, including Planned Parenthood.” (Adam Kredo, “White-House Linked Dark Money Group Threatens Democrats On Eve Of Nuke Deal,” The Washington Free Beacon, 7/4/15)


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