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Cordray’s Shadow Campaign Is The Only Focus In Ohio

Richard Cordray made yet another trip to Ohio this past weekend to headline a picnic where Democrats running for office typically make campaign speeches.

While Cordray’s speech focused on his work at the CFPB, the only media takeaways had to do with how this was yet another step in his all-but-announced gubernatorial campaign:

Associated Press“Springer, Cordray in speculation mix for Ohio governor race”

Reuters“U.S. consumer watchdog chief Cordray tests Ohio’s election waters”

Cleveland Plain-Dealer“Richard Cordray doesn’t discuss governor’s race at Labor Day event”

WOSU“Cordray Still Declining Comment On Governor’s Race”

These stories make it painfully obvious that Cordray is likely going to run for Governor. With speculation so rampant, it’s time for him to either declare that he doesn’t plan to run so these rumors stop swirling, or resign from the CFPB as he ponders a candidacy so there is no conflict of interest.

As The Wall Street Journal’s Andrew Ackerman tweeted, his continued “no comment” answers make it even more clear that he plans to run:

With a statewide candidacy seeming inevitable, it’s inappropriate for Cordray to continue serving as CFPB Director. Unless he’s willing to rule out a run, he should step aside so the CFPB maintains credibility as a nonpartisan agency.

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