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Cordray Puts Politics Before His Job…Again

Later today, Richard Cordray will be the keynote speaker at a land conservancy conference in Cleveland.

While a noble cause, it’s tough to see what land conservation has to do with Cordray’s day job, which is Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The only explanation for Cordray’s attendance is that he is trekking to Ohio, yet again, because he plans to run for Governor of the state in 2018.

Already, Cordray’s frequent travel to Ohio while still being a federal employee has sparked controversy. His more than two dozen trips since last year were included in a Hatch Act complaint filed against him to the U.S. Special Counsel’s office and his attendance at a Labor Day picnic in Cincinnati last week that’s usually reserved for political candidates raised many eyebrows.

To any independent onlooker, it’s painfully obvious that Cordray is plotting a gubernatorial run and is using his federal job as CFPB Director to advance his political interests. If he wants to run for Governor, he certainly has that right, but it’s a disservice to taxpayers for him to stay at the CFPB when he clearly has his eyes on higher office.

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