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Cordray Continues To Be Slammed For Using CFPB For Political Purposes

Since issuing a new CFPB rule on payday lending that fits with Richard Cordray’s political timeline, critics have been near universal in slamming him for using a government perch to aid a possible run for office.

Just take a look at what has been published in recent days that pans Cordray’s decision to implement this rule and how it’s unethical for him to put this in place as he plots a run for Governor of Ohio:

The Weekly Standard: How A Washington Bureaucrat Tricked President Trump

            Politico: Ohio Shadow Campaigns Focused On Cordray

            Washington Examiner: At The CFPB, To The Progressive Victors Go The Spoils

            Breitbart: CFPB Sparks Anger By Pushing Regulation On Payday Lenders

RedState: Why Hasn’t Trump Fired Obama’s CFPB Director, Richard Cordray?

On top of all this, Cordray is still being chastised for using his government email to handle a message offering campaign assistance and there is still an open investigation into whether or not he violated the Hatch Act.

As the negative information flow on Cordray mounts, it calls into question whether or not he is proving to be too big a distraction to continue to lead the CFPB.

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