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Clinton Embraces Public Option While ObamaCare Continues To Collapse

Today, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be campaigning in Springfield, IL, a day after the state’s ObamaCare co-op announced it will be shutting down, leaving 49,000 Illinoisans without health coverage. With the most recent co-op failures coming fromOregon and Connecticut, only a third of the ObamaCare co-ops will remain open for business ahead of the November election.

Clinton moved radically to the left on health care over the weekend, embracing the socialist ideals of Senator Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party’s most progressive platform ever by calling for a public option. The public option is merely an extension of the failed Obamacare co-ops. As the co-ops continue to fail, competition has dwindled, health care costs have risen, people have lost their insurance plan, and insurers are sustaining insurmountable losses coping with the destructive mandates in Obamacare.

Clinton and the Democratic Party or the more appropriately named “Democratic Socialist Party” are now guided by “The Sanders Manifesto,” calling for greater government influence in an already failed experiment of government-run healthcare.

On Monday, President Obama endorsed a public option to save his signature domestic achievement. Democrats are determined to continue running their failed healthcare experiment while hard-working Americans are left picking up the pieces as they seek new, expensive healthcare coverage in less competitive marketplaces. Americans should expect more of the same devastating consequences from Clinton’s embrace of a public option.

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