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Claire’s Cover-Up

It’s always something with Claire McCaskill. After getting caught spending her money to send her liberals colleagues to Cancun, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is now reporting that McCaskill was forced to amend her personal financial disclosure and move between $400,000 to $1,000,000 worth of investments to transactions made under her family foundation’s name.

The Shepard Family Foundation was formed in 2013, according to the Post-Dispatch, and McCaskill currently sits on the board. Despite that, this is the first time she has ever reported her involvement with the foundation on her PFD.

On Tuesday, after the Post-Dispatch asked about the amended personal disclosure reports, LaBombard said that McCaskill’s office also discovered that she had failed to report that she was on the board of her family’s foundation.

What’s even more troubling is the fact that one of the amended transactions had to do with thousands of dollars worth of stock of Allergen, an opioid manufacturer that has been criticized for contributing to the opioid crisis. Conveniently, Allergen was not one of the opioid makers that McCaskill sought to investigate when she sent letters to five other producers in March.

Was Senator McCaskill really making investments in an opioid producer while at the same time launching an investigation against a different group of manufacturers? Talk about hypocrisy.

Unfortunately, this kind of behavior is just par for the course for Sen. McCaskill. She has an ugly track record of saying things that sound good in public, but doing the opposite behind closed doors to benefit herself.

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