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Claire McCaskill Knows Gorsuch Needs A Vote

Publicly, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is still undecided on Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination. Privately though, she’s already spoken about the political downsides of attempting to filibuster his nomination. In newly published audio by Kansas City Star McCaskill warned of the “dire consequences” of Democrats using the partisan filibuster to stop Gorsuch:

“McCaskill told the fundraiser’s attendees that blocking Gorsuch could result in someone worse being appointed to the court in the future, according to the audio. The recording gives insight into McCaskill’s thought process as the senator, a key swing vote, weighs her decision on Gorsuch.”

Significantly, McCaskill also praises Gorsuch’s qualifications for the Supreme Court on the recording:

“She pointed to the list of potential nominees that Trump released before the election to galvanize conservative support. “By the way, Gorsuch was one of the better ones,” McCaskill quipped. ‘So they pick another one off the list and then they bring it over to the Senate and we say no, no, no, this one’s worse. And there’s not enough votes to confirm him. They’re not going to let us do that too long before they move it to 51 votes,’ she said.”

Deep down, McCaskill knows that Judge Gorsuch deserves to have his nomination move forward and that he ultimately will be confirmed. The only reason for her to oppose him out of fear of a primary challenge from her left next year. Therefore, if still votes to filibuster Gorsuch, she’ll have shown herself to be nothing but a pawn of the leftist grassroots.

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