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Claire McCaskill Is Chuck Schumer’s Favorite Ally On Preserving Broken Health Care

Claire McCaskill made clear with her vote today against a procedural motion that she is in favor of the ObamaCare status quo and against Missouri’s best interest.

Repeatedly, Senator McCaskill has made clear that she puts the worldview of the far-left and their allies before what is best for her constituents. ObamaCare has ravaged the Show-Me State, increasing costs for families by 145% over the past four year and eliminating choices that Missourians previously had.

Now, instead of bucking her party, she is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and other Democrats in refusing to repair this failed law.

Missouri deserves a Senator that will stand with the President and conservative leaders that are committed to bringing health care costs down and putting patients and doctors back in control. Unfortunately, Senator McCaskill puts partisanship first, which comes at the expense of better health care that her constituents deserve.

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