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Claire McCaskill: Defying Constituents, Opposing Qualified Judge, Carrying Water For Left

Defying Constituents

-Missourians voted for Donald Trump by a massive 19-point margin last fall, giving him a clear mandate to select the country’s next Supreme Court Justice.

-Sen. McCaskill previously told Missourians that SCOTUS nominees deserve “a simple up-or-down vote.”

Opposing Qualified Judge

The Kansas City Star Ed Board praised Judge Gorsuch as “qualified” and “thoughtful”

-A number of Democrats, including President Obama’s former Solicitor General, support Gorsuch, as well as two Democrat Senators

Carrying Water For The Left

Out-of-touch groups have demanded Democrats to oppose Gorsuch, despite his impressive credentials

Liberal groups have pressured Democratic campaign arms not to support Senators that support Gorsuch in their 2018 re-election runs

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