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Chris Koster Says No Lobbyist Gifts… Then How’d He Get The Free Springsteen Tix?

In an Associated Press interview, Chris Koster touted his support for banning gifts from lobbyists, claiming that he has implemented the policy for himself and going so far as to say, “Even a nickel for a cup of coffee is out of the question …”

That’s an odd answer from someone who according the Missouri Ethics Commission has accepted thousands of dollars in gifts from lobbyists as an elected official, including tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert in 2008 from lobbyist Tricia Workman:


This is the kind of double-talk that Chris Koster has become well-known for – whether it’s claiming to support a ban on gifts from lobbyists even though he’s taken them, or talking about how he absolutely follows every ethical rule, even though a New York Times investigation found his office gave special treatment to campaign contributors.

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