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Chelsea Clinton Flies To “Clean Energy Roundtable” In Private Jet

On Wednesday, Chelsea Clinton campaigned for her mother in Asheville, North Carolina, at an event focused on “clean energy.” There, Clinton called climate change an “urgent existential threat.”

In another example of Team Clinton’s energy hypocrisy, though, Chelsea Clinton took a private jet to the event. In video obtained exclusively by the NTK Network, Clinton is seen boarding a private jet yesterday to fly from Greenville, North Carolina to Asheville.

It has been well-established that one’s carbon footprint is a lot higher if they fly private than if they fly commercial. So at Core News, we can’t help but wonder what all of Team Clinton’s allies on the Environmentalist Left – from Tom Steyer to Bill McKibben – will think of Chelsea Clinton’s jet-setting.

Then again, environmentalists have been very forgiving of their brightest stars for their massive carbon footprints. Take Leonardo DiCaprio for example. Leo just held a climate “gala” in the south of France, inviting A-list guests to fly halfway across the world in private jets to save the planet.

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