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Career Politician Chris Koster Continues To Play Politics As Usual With More Flip-Flops & Hypocrisy

This afternoon, Chris Koster completed yet another flip-flop in his effort to remake his political image ahead of November’s election.

In 2006 and 2008, Koster took multiple votes that expressed support for having no campaign contribution limits in Missouri. Today, Koster reversed his stance and while it is not his first flip-flop, it may be his most egregious. The Kansas City Star noted as much, calling this a “sharp break,” from Koster’s past position:

During his time in the Missouri Senate, Koster voted to remove donation limits twice — first in in 2006 when he was a Republican and again in 2008 after he became a Democratic. Since then, he’s consistently opposed efforts to reinstate them…

The position is a sharp break for Koster, who for years has questioned contribution limits and whether they can be effectively implemented since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case.

What’s just as absurd is that Koster is benefitting from the current system more than anyone. As The Star highlights, Koster has taken in more than $4 million in donations from Big Labor, who are committed to getting him in office so he can carry out their radical agenda:

Koster’s campaign for governor has had its fair share of six-figure donations, most of which have come from labor unions. He’s taken in more than $4 million in donations from unions, including a $400,000 check in March from the Eastern Missouri Laborers’ union and a $500,000 check in July from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

This policy change from Koster just reveals his hypocrisy and his political calculation. He wants to change the system that he is benefitting from, and he flip-flops on a previous position only when it is politically convenient for him. That is not leadership – that is politics as usual from a career politician. Jefferson City doesn’t need more political games from career politicians, which is why Missourians have to reject Koster in November.

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