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By The Numbers: Edwards’ Flawed Tax Proposal

Governor John Bel Edwards’ tax plan – panned by Republicans, Democrats, and business groups – has just received its fiscal note analysis, and as expected, Louisiana businesses and hard-working families will be footing the bill for Edwards’ tax-and-spend policies.

Here is an AR2 By The Numbers look at what the Edwards’ tax increases mean for Louisiana businesses:

253,000+ businesses impacted by John Bel Edwards’ liberal tax hike.

$823,000 in implantation costs: these new costs are required to cover the “significant administrative expense to design, program, and test the tax processing system.”

$139,000 annual administration costs: Two new bureaucrats would need to be hired to implement Edwards’ new tax.

$400 million less revenue than promised: Edwards promised this a solution to fix the state’s looming deficit, but his tax plan doesn’t meet the promises he set.

Edwards’ tax plan has drawn united opposition from Louisiana Republicans and Democrats, and has received broad criticism for being “tone deaf to economic reality.”

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