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Brown’s Econ Plan: Fewer Jobs, Burdensome Regulations, Bad For Ohio

Sherrod Brown is claiming that his new economic plan would help workers but that’s not reflected in the policy agenda he will unveil today:

Would Eliminate Nearly 300,000 Ohio Jobs

-A study showed that a federal $15/hr minimum wage would eliminate 296,000 jobs in Ohio

-Even Hillary Clinton’s economic team admitted that a $15 minimum wage would eliminate jobs

“A Career Killer”  

-The overtime rule that Brown wants to expand has been called “a career killer”

-Would cost private sector companies more than $700 million, leading to a jobs loss

Carrying Water For Big Labor

-Brown has taken more than $1.5 Million from unions over his career

-Despite destroying jobs, unions want these measures to expand their membership rolls and Brown is doing the bidding of his donors instead of fighting for Ohioans

Ohio overwhelmingly voted for change in the last election but Brown is pushing the same rejected liberal ideas that crush the private sector and make it tougher for middle class Americans to get ahead. This plan clearly shows that he’s simply out-of-touch with the needs and interests of his state.

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