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BREAKING: Clinton Follows Warren On Twitter Today, Follows Her On Policy Always

More than three months after receiving her endorsement, Hillary Clinton this afternoon officially followed Elizabeth Warren on Twitter:


Skeptical progressives and millennials, take note: Warren does not yet follow Hillary Clinton

The only surprise is that it has taken Clinton this long to give Warren the old Twitter follow. After all, Clinton has been taking her marching orders from Warren’s far-left agenda since launching her presidential campaign last year.

From free college to government-run health care to mandating a minimum wage hike, Clinton has dumped her previous stances and adopted positions that bear strong resemblance to the ideas outlined by Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Clinton’s pivot on these issues shows that the Democrats intellectual ideas no longer come from the center, but are being dictated by extremists who want to abandon American free enterprise and implement a massive federal government that restricts individual freedom at every turn.

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