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Bobby Scott Gets $1.4 MILLION From Big Labor To Carry Their Water

There has been extensive coverage of the damage that the Obama-era NLRB inflicted on small businesses with their disastrous “joint-employer” rule.

During today’s markup of H.R. 3441, the Save Local Business Act, House Education & Workforce ranking member Bobby Scott (D-VA), sought to defend the failed rule, likely as a favor to his Big Labor donors.

In fact, since he became a Congressman, OpenSecrets reports that labor groups and other union-affiliates have funneled more than $1.4 MILLION into Rep. Scott’s campaign account. Not surprisingly, he will cater to what they want instead of what is best for American entrepreneurs and oppose the repeal of this terrible rule.

Bobby Scott’s attacks on this legislation have no merit and are literally bought-and-paid for by millions of contributions to him from special interest union.

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