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Biggest Loser In Politics Admits He’s A Loser; Now Plans To Fail On Larger Scale

Over the past two election cycles, Tom Steyer has spent more than $160 million of his fortune (some of which he earned off his fossil fuel investments) trying to build the Democrats’ environmental message and get them elected.

The results: Democrats have lost the Senate, have made few gains in the House, are at record-low numbers in state legislatures and Democratic Governors, and have lost the White House. The Washington Post called it “The Decimation Of The Democratic Party.”

After historic losses, Steyer seems to be conceding that his approach that past four years has failed, and he’s now giving up on that to try something new. BuzzFeed News reports that Steyer will be abandoning his push for job-killing and economy-destroying energy policies in favor of pushing a more wide-ranging agenda.

The billionaire will expand the focus of his environmental political advocacy group, NextGen Climate Action, to fund initiatives and candidates with an eye to issues well beyond the realm of climate change, Steyer said in an interview on Tuesday. 

The fact is that whether it is on climate change or another progressive issue, Steyer’s worldview is so far removed from the American mainstream. Voters made clear that they want pro-jobs and pro-growth policies from their government, and that is not what the California billionaire espouses. No matter the absurd amount of money he pours into political causes, Steyer will continue his losing ways unless he adapts his views. Until then, we encourage him to keep lighting his money on fire.

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