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BIG LABOR’S $2 MILLION SENATOR: Patty Murray Does Unions’ Bidding, Raises Millions From Them

As Sen. Patty Murray begins to question Alex Acosta during today’s hearing on his nomination for Labor Secretary, she will no doubt oppose him in order to cater to left-wing backers that have filled her campaign coffers to the tune of $2.1 million.

Leading the opposition against Acosta is HELP committee ranking member Patty Murray, who has received more in union donations than anyone else on the committee:

When there is more than $2 million on the line, it is not surprising that Murray will go to such great lengths to oppose Acosta’s pro-worker agenda. Patty Murray has been in the pocket of big unions for years, and this latest round of attacks on Acosta just further proves who is calling the shots in the Democrat party.

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