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As MO Suffers, McCaskill Called Out For Not Working On Bipartisan Health Care Alternative

Claire McCaskill took to her favorite perch this AM (MSNBC) to attack Republicans for working to repeal the disaster that ObamaCare has imposed on Missourians. Remember people across the Show-Me State have seen premium increases rise 145% over the past four years, thanks to her vote.

During the interview, McCaskill was asked if it was a mistake for Democrats, including her, to refuse to work with Republicans on a health care alternative and McCaskill responded, “I’m not sure that was a viable alternative.”

McCaskill’s comments came just a day after reports indicated that up to 18,000 Missourians could be losing their insurance and 25 counties in the state would be left without a provider.

Instead of working across the aisle to help her constituents that are suffering because of the current law, it’s clearly more important for McCaskill to toe the liberal line and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the leaders of her left-wing party.

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