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Anti-Worker Kendall Fells To Criticize Andy Puzder’s Record On Job Creation & Growth

During a press call today, the leader of SEIU’s effort to destroy jobs by imposing a $15/hr minimum wage will try and criticize Andy Puzder’s desire to create more jobs and help workers.

Kendall Fells has been at the helm of the so-called “Fight For $15” campaign, which one study shows would eliminate 7 million jobs and even liberal economists admit would be bad for the economy.

The reason that a $15 minimum wage would be so devastating for the economy is because Fells openly admitted that there was no studies or economic analysis that went into deciding that the minimum wage should raised to that level. Instead, Fells said in a video that they picked $15 because it “made sense,” because it was in-between $10 and $20.

What’s even more absurd about Fells’ argument is that he has used this artificial campaign to line his own pockets. While he claims to want to help workers, Fells seems clearly more concerned with his own bottom line, bringing in $150,214 in salary in 2015, or roughly $72/hr.

All this just exemplifies why Kendall Fells has no standing to discuss labor policy or criticize a job creator like Andy Puzder. While Fells doesn’t understand basic economics and his top priority is looking out for Big Labor’s political agenda, Puzder knows that economic growth and opportunity starts with job creation, which is his number one priority and what is needed from the Dept. of Labor.

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